About the Consortium

What is the Consortium?

The Early Childhood Consortium of West Philly is a network of preschools, daycares, and other early childhood programs working cooperatively to meet the shared needs of our programs and the families we serve. We were founded in the fall of 2015, and we are currently funded by a grant from the Philadelphia Education Fund.

What does the Consortium do?

Representatives of member programs meet once a month to build community and connections and to plan the activities of the Consortium. We share information and resources with each other; we send teachers to observe and learn at each other's programs; we collaborate in seeking grants; we work together for publicity and community events, such as our West Philadelphia Early Childhood Info Days. In the future we will continue to find new ways that working together will benefit all of us.

What programs participate in the Consortium?

What if my program wants to join the Consortium? Or if I want more information?

The Consortium is open to any early childhood provider in West Philly. Email Jarrod about attending our next meeting or event, or about anything else.